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Cedar Oil Industries and its dealers worldwide are dedicated to protecting children and their families from the serious health consequences of pesticides. Our company works to reduce pesticide use and promotes safe effective all organic alternatives.

At the center of our efforts is our Cedar Oil Insect Formulations a proven method that emphasizes simple, inexpensive pest control practices that cause the least harm to people and the planet. For the last 20 years, Dave Glassel the man behind the products has done his work by researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing these organic products that will change the pest control industry forever. As a matter of fact these products will go down in history as the best insect control products ever brought to the market. PERIOD…

The Goal

The First Goal: Get rid of all Pesticide uses in and around your home, Reducing the exposure of Pesticides.

Cedar Oil Industries and its network of dealers aims to reduce the impact of pesticides on human health & the environment. While we provide information to all who request it, our insect control program focuses on children, families and the planet. Our particular expertise

with outdoor pest control makes us unique among the few companies nationwide that address outdoor organic pest control.

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