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FertiGreen offers a variety of all natural lawn systems. Here they are with a chart description. I am an exclusive dealer for the Brevard County area. Outside of the Brevard County area? Contact me and if I can’t help you, I will put you in touch with somebody who can. Please see FertiGreen Turf Systems Website for more descriptive product details.

FertiGreen Automated Lawn Fertilization System

Fertigreen Warehouse

The FertiGreen Automated Lawn Fertilization System works in conjunction with existing or new irrigation systems to supply grass and other plants with precise and concentrated amounts of All Natural/Organic products every time it is used.

The FertiGreen System customizes the proper nutrient feeding system to meet every customer’s needs. This System contains no electrical components.

We are the preeminent OEM Manufacturing Company to combine the fertigation process of education, organic based products and a specially designed delivery system.

One of the main benefits to the green space and landscape areas is the ability to absorb fertilizer and other products in MICRO DOSAGES through both the foliage and the root system, thereby, contributing to their growth, health and the improvement of the soil.

The FertiGreen TurfSystem is water driven injection system. The system is a dependable and highly accurate injection system that delivers the nutrients directly into your existing irrigation system. All FertiGreen TurfSystems are built and 100% tested to meet your fertigation / Rust Control requirements.

FertiGreen System Open

The System contains the following:

  • Water motor
  • Modified injection Pump
  • Control Panel
  • 5 gallon container
  • Water Supply Hoses
  • Decorative box.
  • Installation parts not included
  • Note: Installation parts are common PVC and valve components purchased at any common hardware store (see owner’s manual).


System Includes:

  • Decorative Outdoor Box
  • Injector
  • 50 ft. Misting Kit
  • Battery Powered Timer (Batteries Not Included)

How it works:

We provide mosquito, insect control, and fly control misting systems. The system is a fully automated misting system that installs directly to your existing water supply. It’s unique water powered design requires no electricity to operate. The system has an easy programmable timer that activates your misters to provide the all natural mosquito and insect barrier required.

Do-It-Yourself Outdoor All-Natural Pest Control Products

Product Features:

  • No Power Needed (Non-Electric)
  • Completely Automated
  • Self-Contained System
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Easy to Install Yourself


  • Fully Automated Insect Control System
  • Protects Your Family from Insects and
  • Diseases (West Nile Virus)
  • All Natural & Chemical Free
  • Safe for Pets & Children
  • Environmentally Green Product


Stop Bathing Your Animals by Hand! FertiGroomer offers you an animal bathing system to help save time and money!!!

  • Easy to use
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Shampoo
  • Water Powered – No Electric Required
  • Cleans better than hand bathing
  • Bath more animals faster and easier
  • Use up to 3 different solutions-Shampoo, Conditioner, Dip

Eliminate Rust Stains Forever

Eliminate Rust System

FertiGreen Iron-Away provides SOLUTIONS for your rust stains. You DO NOT have to live with rust anymore, this system will prevent any future rust stains on your driveway, sidewalks, fences and home. The FertiGreen Rust System will provide you with YEARS of rust free living. Just another perfect SOLUTION from FertiGreen TurfSystems!!

We also have a Tan Decorative Container available upon request!