Cedar Mountain Air Systems

Introducing the unique and all natural interior pest control you can depend on!

Enjoy the power and control of today’s most advanced Aroma-therapeutic diffusion system affectionately known as the P.A.D. or Personal Air Diffuser.  The unit is not much bigger than a large coffee mug and yet it has the incredible micronic deliver to handle areas of 2,000 square feet, and even more when your HVAC system is running, as it will also travel through your ducting to other rooms. These units have been specially amended to meet our own diffusion specifications and they are aesthetically designed to compliment any room. Once you start using it, you will wonder how you ever managed without having one.

In conjunction with our associate company Scentability LLC, we also offer a comprehensive range of high tech commercial and industrial diffusion systems, some of which actually run through the ducting of HVAC systems. Some of these systems are shown below and other than just our normal cedar oil blends, we also offer a professional service in Scent Marketing Technology. This is revolutionary pheromone technology that is ideally suited to a vast range of places, such as Hotels, Casinos, Automobile Showrooms, Offices, Theaters, Auditoriums, Stores and Malls etc.

Our compact P.A.D. ( Personal Air Diffuser ), can also be used to provide excellent pest management programs for homes, offices and ideal for restaurant kitchens etc. It can be used with our proprietary natural “Eradik8” bio-fluid and diffused when the areas are vacant of people.  Switch it on during the night in a kitchen for example, then come back in the morning to find all the dead insects and bugs to sweep up. It’s that simple and it’s that effective too. This take care of all your fleas, ticks, and bed bugs!

Personal Air Difuser Oils will take cake of fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and roaches.

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